About sherry

Sherry sitting near 4'x4' sheep painting from black and white Camouflage Series

"The scenery in Utah is like no other place in the world. I love it here."

Sherry was a bit bored when she was young, so she filled her time with drawing, coloring and crafts. This lead her to getting an art degree at Iowa State University in the 80’s. Since then, painting, printmaking and design has been her focus. 

She lived in the midwest and California, but settled in Utah in 2005 with her husband, Carl, and three children. She noticed that “the scenery in Utah is like no other place in the world” and then she realized that “the art scene in Utah is so vibrant.” Finding Utah a great place to live, Sherry has shown her work in multiple venues in the area and has been involved with numerous festivals, as well as mentored many students in art and design.

Etching from Besendorfer Ranch series - Washing station where clothes were rubbed on washboard

Besendorfer Ranch Project Artist Statement

 I’ve always had a passion for art and the tendency to simplify the complex. In my current work, the Besendorfer Ranch Project, I have chosen objects and scenes that get to the essence of what the ranch is all about. Rusty oil cans, vintage cars, ornate cash registers, rotary pay phones and more. In their heyday, these items were necessary for day-to-day activities, and now, tossed aside and saved for their interest, intrinsic value or memories of

loved ones or events from days gone by.

Although I choose to simplify the subject matter, my process is not simple. I have selected copperplate intaglio printmaking, a multi-step system that is perfectly imperfect. Each print has its own unique character with blemishes that are inherent to intaglio. I enjoy the contrast of these unpredictable marks with my own carefully drawn and etched lines. The Besendorfer Ranch objects truly lend themselves to this medium.