BESENDORFER RANCH  PROJECT –  Theresa Otteson, a good friend and talented artist (, and I were at a plein air painting workshop in Midway, Utah when we discovered the Besendorfer Ranch. 

This is not just a ranch.  There are also numerous buildings stuffed with collections of antiques, including tools, irons, gas pumps, gas cans, and so much more. The imagery, with rich textures and colors, was calling out to both of us, so we decided to gather our talents and make art honoring this eclectic assemblage.

Flowers are so graceful and unique.  I've always enjoyed painting flowers and have decided to give myself a goal of producing 100 of them. Check in from time to time to see the additions.

CAMOUFLAGE SERIES – I was looking in the woods one day and saw a deer standing very still. So still, in fact, that I believe she didn't think I could see her, as if she was camouflaged against the trees. After I completed this one, I decided to make a series of the camouflage paintings . The HooDoos from Bryce Canyon is one of my favorites. If you look at it for very long, you begin to see all of the faces in the crevices, and, have you found the cow yet?